About Us

We are Captain Morgan’s Rum Do, a five-piece band led by the prodigiously talented Roy Mette (guitar, vocals, songwriter). The current line-up consists of guitar, vocals and percussion, though other artists/instruments are used from time to time. Just for a taster, try this …

Captain Morgan’s Rum Do originated several years ago when Roy, whose background is rock and r & b and songwriting on his own account, became interested in the life stories of the (real) pirates of the Golden Age (late 17th/18th centuries). He began writing lyrics about the lives of the pirates and the pirate lifestyle, releasing “Pirates”, his first CD on the theme, in 2007/8. Feeling he needed to introduce a more folk style into his pirate sound he co-opted the three members of Triangle, a vocal trio well versed in performing traditional song, in 2008.

After Triangle became involved, Roy began to explore other pirate themes including the history of the river Thames based pirates, in his music and lyric writing. He is himself Thames estuary-based and sees the history of London’s river and of the river pirates in the terms of history and heritage. Working with Triangle and other artists he began to record his second album (the first to bear the Captain Morgan’s Rum Do name.) Now released as “Thames, Sails and Scallywags’ Tales”, you can buy a copy by going to the usual download platforms (you know the ones we mean – they don’t need us to advertise them!)

The historical perspective begins with an account in song of the devastation wrought on London by the Plague of 1665 and the Fire of 1666, powerfully performed in two unforgettable songs, and continues through the Golden Age and its characters to the Napoleonic era and the operations of the notorious impress-men.

Captain Morgan’s Rum Do is Essex and Suffolk based and can best be contacted as follows:

through  Mim MacMahon, at mim @ trianglemusic.info (tel. 01394 274395)

through Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/RoyMettePiratesStuff