Attention, All Shipping!

Mother Cutbeard here, putting out a call to ALL VESSELS sailing under the BLACK FLAG!

At last the Day Is Come! Our Captain, having made his preparations over the winter months, is now ready to take the fleet a-pillaging! To this end, he is launching, TODAY, our newest venture:


“Be that the Admiralty?” some of you may say, and I could make no comment upon it, but this time, not so. ‘Tis a comment and cautionary tale of one of our old comrades, now sadly gone to the greater Judge …

Ye will have all heard of SAMUEL BELLAMY, Black Sam to friend and foe alike, and how – they say, for love – he ventured all upon the capture of the WHYDAH GALLY, and took his prize, the richest on the sea. Laden she was with gold plate, timber, captives and all manner of riches.

Some say, over-laden …

Hear the tale of Black Sam, and of his prize; and of his tragicall love for MARIA HALLETT, for whose sake he plied the seas in the quest for riches and the chance to win her hand.

But we are all powerless before the unbending decrees of PROVIDENCE …

And how it all came out, ye shall hear!

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